Lake Red Rock, IA Engagement

Tory + Cory

I bet these two are so thankful that they swiped right. Thanks to online dating, these two found each other and it couldn’t have turned out any better! Their engagement session at Lake Red Rock came highly anticipated since we had to reschedule twice! But the third time was definitely a charm because everything looked so beautiful!

We began their adventure by stopping at the Peace Tree; a historic grand sycamore that used to be located in the lake but was recently uprooted. It used to be where Native Americans and traders met to come to agreements and trades. Cory’s family told me the story of how it came to be there and what it symbolized and it was really neat!

After photographing around the Peace Tree, we ventured to the shoreline and climbed atop the rocks so they could enjoy the beautiful view and cozy up together!

We made our way to the marina, next, where we met up with Cory’s family and snagged some photos around the docs while enjoying some drinks. Then we hopped on their boat and went for a ride!

Tory + Cory enjoyed cranberry mimosas (Tory’s fave) and I love that I caught Tory jokingly pointing the champagne bottle at Cory as she was about to pop it open!

As we ended the session, they enjoyed the sunset, and we all laughed at their version/reenactment of the Titanic with Jack and Rose.

Cory also informed me that our seagull friends were following the boat as we headed back to dive for fish that flee from the disturbance of the boat! So, of course, I had to capture that!

Zach, my husband with Lighthouse Film Co., and I had a pretty rad time and we definitely want another session at Lake Red Rock with boat rides and adventures along the beach, and rocky cliffs! I can’t wait until you can all see the engagement film that Zach captured for them!

If you’re ready for an adventure like this, let’s get to planning! You can start your documented love story by filling out an inquiry HERE.

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