Downtown Des Moines Engagement

Stacy + David

Downtown Des Moines Engagement

This downtown Des Moines Engagement was personalized with the location where Stacy + David first met, grabbing drinks at Hessen Haus, stopping around downtown, sharing a Tornado at Smokey Row, and including their adorable fur baby, Hazel.

The last time I saw Stacy + David was the night that David proposed! After our last session, David took Stacy to MacRae Park where he asked her to marry him. She messaged me later telling me the good news!!

And now, here they are at their engagement session filled with contagious giggles from Stacy and adoring kisses from David.

We went to so many fun places downtown since they both have so many memories there. Including where they first met: Pints Pub N Patio! After a quick stop down memory lane at Pints, we headed to Hessen Haus where David shared some stories about going out downtown with his friends.

We also bonded over our love for ice cream. So they made sure to stop at Smokey Row to grab a snickers tornado!

Of course, their family would not be complete without their adorable corgi, Hazel, by their side. She was so excited to be a part of this special memory and drooled at any mention of food!

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