Announcing Your Engagement

You said YES! Here are some things to consider before spilling the beans…

This post is for all of the ‘newly engaged’ or the ‘will most likely soon be engaged in the near future’ peeps! Announcing your engagement can be as carefree or well thought out as you want it to be.

So here is some food for thought!

1. Soak in the engagement together first

Hopefully you’ve taken some time for yourselves to soak it all in and share the excitement with JUST your S.O. first and foremost!

2. Decide together how you want to announce

Making decisions together officially starts now!

If there’s one thing you’ll learn during the wedding planning process, it’s how to communicate, express opinions, make hard decisions together, and designate specific tasks for one another so that everything comes together through teamwork.

Deciding how you want to tell everyone is the first step!

Do you want to get creative? Keep it simple? Post online? Send snail mail? HERE is a great article to get some creative juices flowing. And don’t be afraid to hop on Pinterest for inspiration as well!

3. Announcing to family and friends

It’s up to you, but if these people are important in your life, be sure to personally tell them BEFORE you make a social media announcement! This is a big deal and most people prefer to hear the news straight from the source.

You can video chat, give them a phone call, plan a surprise visit to break the news, share any proposal photos that may have been taken, or whatever feels right to you.

If you want to be more private or potentially avoid any drama, then you may want to plan to keep your announcement private and only tell close family and friends versus additionally posting online.

4. Consider an engagement-moon

This is a big step and it’s time to celebrate! If you’re more of a private couple, then taking a little vacation or low key trip is a great way to enjoy this new chapter.

If you love to travel and it’s in the budget, then by all means go travel somewhere! Near or far.

Or my recommendation would be to plan a weekend full of fun activities together such as: trying out a new fancy restaurant, going kayaking, wine + cheese tasting, shop at the farmer’s market, try rock climbing, have a picnic, go to a concert, or even make a whole fun day out of your engagement photo session.

Number one rule if you do take a trip: Don’t talk about ANY wedding planning. This time is for you to celebrate, not plan!

5. Consider an engagement party

Another way to celebrate is by having an engagement party with all your closest family and friends. HERE is another great article on planning an engagement party.

6. Don’t overshare any wedding details

It’s SO exciting getting engaged that it’s easy to want to chat about all your wedding details online as you respond to comments. BUT, by keeping things private you’ll be able to avoid hurting those who aren’t invited. It’s best to wait to share all the details once you’ve created a website or send out invites.

Pro tip:

Remember, YOU are in control. There’s really no rush to plan a wedding fast and I always recommend taking extra time so that you can fully enjoy being engaged. In fact, the average engagement lasts 15 months! Take as much time as you need and don’t feel that you have to do things a certain way because that’s what everyone else does.

Happy wedding planning and stay tuned for more wedding tips!

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